Connecting Technology to Executive Function and Self-Regulation

Air Traffic Controller in Eham Tower” by “” is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This week in CEP 812 our task was to choose a special learning need of relevance to our professional context, explore its implications on learning and instruction, and identify a technology that could support the learning challenge. In a paper (available here) exposing current research on executive function and self-regulation skills, I reveal how this learning need affects young children and what adults can do to intervene.

Executive function is often described as the skills required by an air traffic controller managing the arrival and departure of planes at a busy airport. These higher-order cognitive abilities are not only important for difficult and complex jobs, but also for normal functioning in society. Through my research, I identified one piece of technology that can aid in the development of executive function, particularly skills such as memory, attention, and problem solving. Lumosity is a unique, personalized tool that allow students to develop cognitive skills through challenging and engaging games. In addition to the description of the Lumosity provided in my paper, I have included below a short video demonstration of the tool.


One thought on “Connecting Technology to Executive Function and Self-Regulation

  1. I really enjoyed your paper because I had not heard of executive function and self-regulations as a special learning need. While reading your research I immediately identified a student that has behavior issues that may fall into the category of executive function and self regulation. The inability to control behaviors and transition from one task to another can inhibit the success’s of the students. I am also interested in how they test/or identify students with this learning need. Luminosity is a great technology tool. I have used it briefly because not only does it challenge your thinking but it is also fun!

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