Remixing Digital Storytelling

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Our very first lesson in CEP 811 this semester had us learning about remixes. This had me wondering if I had signed up for a course in electronic music production or educational technology (the former didn’t sound too bad either)!

In an educational context, remixes refer to how we reinterpret, transform and combine works (other than audio) to create something unique and different from what was originally intended. The assignment for this week required us to hone our remixing skills using Mozilla PopcornMaker and media with Creative Commons licenses. The content of the remix was to be based on a current trend in educational technology.

My first task was to explore PopcornMaker. I began by watching a few tutorials on the Mozilla website, including getting started with popcorn, tips and tricks for working fast, and effective sample formats. Next, for an unbiased review of PopcornMaker, I read a useful article on an app review network. Finally, a watched a YouTube tutorial providing step-by-step details on each of the features of PopcornMaker. At this point, I felt ready to begin experimenting. I found the best way to learn the program was to use the “remix” button to see how the different layers and events were structured in already-created remixes. The ability to take a remix apart and analyze its individual components was very helpful in understanding how the program worked. Overall, despite some glitches with the speed and buffering, I felt Popcorn maker was a quick and easy-to-use tool for creating neat videos and remixes.

I chose to create a remix on “digital storytelling”. I had a little bit of experience using VoiceThread (an app for digital storytelling) with my kindergarten students in the past, but some time had passed since then and I was sure there were bound to be new developments and ways of learning in this area. I was eager to discover what new media and tools were out there enabling digital storytelling to become even more effective in the classroom. Through this process, I came across some interesting videos and articles describing the amount of learning and critical thinking students develop through digital storytelling.

Anyway, I will let the remix speak for itself! You can click here to watch my creation!


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